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Luis Andino


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Toques y Eventos

"Oscuro Showcase"
Jueves, 09 de Julio de 2009
Hora: 03:55 pm
Precio: 10
Lugar: FORO (Zona Rosa)
$10 barra libre 9-12
Morbo Vs Oscuro
Jueves, 18 de Diciembre de 2008
Hora: 03:22 am
Lugar: Club Begood - Barcelona
Luis Andino Live
Sábado, 08 de Noviembre de 2008
Hora: 03:20 am
Lugar: Club 2bleka - Cadiz (Andalucia)

Sábado, 27 de Septiembre de 2008
Hora: 01:06 pm
Lugar: Underground Family Festival 08 Barcelona
Underground Family Festival 08 Barcelona


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Luis Andino, a DJ/producer, has been influenced by many different exotic and obscure sounds. Luis aka Electrobotica, previously known to many as DJ Lust, started djinng towards the end of 2003 in Los Angeles, California. He started playing at underground, after hours, and private parties. These events were held at many different locations from rented halls, to warehouses, and also nightclubs in and around Southern California. He played mostly in L.A., the LBC, and of course in Hollywood. His last show in the states was in Qutopia, which was one of the most underground hard electro clubs in L.A. His main music interest during that time was what is known as Electroclash. In order to explore new sounds and scenes, in 2005 he moved to his native country of El Salvador. During that time in Central America he has had the opportunity to performe at many clubs and festivals. In this period Luis started to experiment with the intricate sounds of Techno Minimal and IDM. Since the beginning of 2008 Luis Andino is currently based in Barcelona, Spain, where he has made his talent to be recognized by djinng in many clubs and festivals such as the second edition of the Underground Family Festival, also in other important cities like Valencia and Cadiz.

Fundación: 2002
Integrantes: 1


Contacto: Oscuro Records
Teléfono: 034-626-959-951
Web Site:


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