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Laura Marenco


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" I remember the sounds of bombs and gunfire being my constant companion" Laura Marenco said in a recent interview. Her story is not that of the typical American performer/songwriter. As a teenager growing up in war torn El Salvador she made a promise to herself to realize her true potential as an artist, even if that meant leaving her homeland forever. This journey has brought her through a series of life changing
experiences which have defined her character and art form in a very unique and powerful spirit.
 The past few years have included many performances across the Midwest and the south, as a singing dancing, rocking, band leader, front person, as well as many intimate appearances as the serious songwriter/singer with just a guitar and a story to tell. This
diversity of skills and experience has brought her to her first national release of multi cultural and multi ethnic musical fusion. In just 6 short months since a chance meeting with producer Jim Reiske, the two have laid the groundwork and recorded the demos for what may be the most exciting new release of the year. With a very strong vocal presence, great harmonies,and a broad palette of musical backgrounds bringing to mind a kind of new world fusion. Ranging from afro pop, dance, to modern electric folk. Her purity of tone and pitch, along with great conviction brings her beautiful and unique voice into the forefront of a new "World Music" movement. Encompassing all
that has come before and possibly forging some new territory for those to come after.
 Not content to simply "cash in" on the latest popularity in Hispanic music, Laura instead brings the elements of jazz/traditional/folk into a very mainstream sound.
Fundación: 3 años
Discografía: Escapar


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