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After Han Wang Guoan: 'soil' Boy how in the field of cosmetics 'soaring'
i dark horse Note: a large number of small and micro enterprises have rapidly lost tradition killed in industrial transition. Chien's born in the Pearl River Delta and ten longevity, but a strong rise in just two or three years, and recently has successfully obtained A round of financing: the end of May, Chien's already high profile institutional investors held on Jiuding nearly billion financing news conference; rumored ten longevity has reached intent with Sequoia Capital, the amount of financing or to billion. Borrow from the brand's meteoric rise, Zengzhao Xia and Wang Guoan two women getting into the business Trader public view. One is positive triumph, to create the \u0026 ldquo; store king \u0026 rdquo ;, one of China's annual advertising and marketing stars, how they do in fact, \u0026 ldquo;? Products + Services \u0026 rdquo; pattern, not Chien's original, fast modeling industry pioneer po[censurado]r Meizao Enterprise was first established in 1998 had sketched out the basic outline, and thereafter many years [url=]2015 Latest Nike Shoes[/url] cultivating this market segment continues to nurture. Compared to the po[censurado]r beauty steady, at every step, inspired by its business model, founded in 2007, Chien's under the leadership of founder 曾昭霞, is a four-tier cities to focus mad to intensify in the country from south to north from layout, trying to finish on the former \u0026 ldquo in the next two years; turn to overtake \u0026 rdquo ;. US pop force with 16 years of total shop 3444, and Chien's just about a year out of more than 900 stores, can be described as the \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;. Dipai 2013, the United States and annual revenue of 450 million yuan po[censurado]r, Chien's total sales of nearly 300 million yuan over the same period. Lange from cottage brand to its own brand of Korea after the \u0026 ldquo; group \u0026 rdquo; to the team, from the sly to honest enterprise founded nearly 10 years, ten longevity has been walking a fine line around the Korean cosmetics brand name. And Chien's \u0026 ldquo; small areas of high overtime possession \u0026 rdquo ;, scramble but silently push mode, the post-Korean trademark enabled five years, ten longevity to provincial TV as the main strategic platform, complemented by newspaper a variety of dissemination media network, has so far invested over 300 million yuan advertising costs, can be described as the \u0026 ldquo; pie \u0026 rdquo ;. days 2012 and 2013, ten longevity annual advertising investment of 1 billion yuan, revenue size is about three times that [url=]Air Jordan 2[/url] figure. By 2014, more than 1.2 billion yuan of payment, expected longevity, then, after South Korea officially entered the domestic cosmetics brand line camp. A run fashion jewelry sales and female makeup, skin care, hair dish service, a mask, BB creams and other cosmetics production and marketing, with headquarters at the Guangdong, generally regarded as peers Zengzhao Xia and Wang GA, joined by people referral entrepreneurs dark horse camp after , the two not only become the cl[censurado]mate, now also has become the cause of mutual encouragement of friends. Zeng, in which the king, are not outsiders can understand or do not pay attention, but in reality the operation of a simple but lucrative industry. Zeng said that in the field of FMCG overused marketing tool, in the shape fast listening have not heard of this trade. Wang revealed that ten longevity of the product was mainly through the four-tier cities distribution franchise stores, which are controlled by local stores more small business owners, local hooligans mixed meantime, domestic and foreign brands are not concerned about where the rules can not read the game. Not difficult to find, in addition to broad convergence of industries outside, and Wang have other many similarities: 70 are considered; all come from the rural South, who Shaoyang, Hunan, Jiangxi Jiujiang king; sales started in the same positions , who was originally in the Pearl Brewery any clerk, Wang first job selling cosmetics; worked with students at the university level cadres, are claiming a former student council school or department; in character, are aloof radical, has found that the , \u0026 ldquo; either heaven or [censurado], there is absolutely no human \u0026 rdquo; and the king said, \u0026 ldquo; life is still alive, or do first, or do the only \u0026 rdquo ;; on with people, both with gas arena, involving When the money are more uninhibited, there had been no recovery of funds and cheated 500,000 yuan to invest in shares of the company had handed it over to the experience, but the attitude of the money is king, let the other account their cheap, \u0026 ldquo; Instead of letting I owe you, let you owe me \u0026 rdquo ;; to recruit key talent, all at the cost; in life, have the courage to spend money, willing to show off their wealth; the business strategy, both in speed and scale-oriented; governance Under the internal management mechanism are relatively backward; in the gradual transition from the wilderness to the mainstream of standardization. On the current situation, Chien's Cengzhao Xia stressed the rapid expansion of business at the same time, the brand core competitiveness, namely goods and services did not give equal attention, there is a world of innovation is not strong, short board is the beginning, with the target customer base overall [url=]Air Jordan 7[/url] aesthetic standards rising, its long-term development will face heavy pressure. Ten longevity relatives and friends type personnel structure, single, random, not professional, can not form a strong check and balance on the founder Wang Guoan frequently billion strategic gamble, but Wang ideas change very fast, or difficult to focus on the development strategy, once aggressive mistakes, companies ready to face the capsizing risk. One to ten years, \u0026 ldquo; earth \u0026 rdquo; WANG Guo kid nowadays is just like business chiefs. As South Korea and other brands after the founder, Guangzhou ten longevity Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (under ten longevity), founder of Wang GA, with its huge advertising investment and unconventional marketing strategies, to lose ground among nearly four years, becoming known in the industry. Short hair, dark complexion, medium build, wearing a very ordinary, has shown signs Guoan, mistakenly thought he was in the company of young workers. Entrepreneur reporter interviewed twice on different occasions Guoan, he is dressed the same: black and white T-shirt, gray jeans and brown shoes, it is nothing to boast about. Of course, once he spoke, the endless, p[censurado]ionate, local councilors as American movies around canv[censurado]ing, Dayton adult focus group. Wang Guoan product promotion as a starting point, with its unique way of life a few years ago to dig the pot of gold, and at every step, the rapid rise so far, claiming \u0026 ldquo; Wang dare to dare \u0026 rdquo ;. 2013, ten longevity annual payment has reached 600 million yuan. Ten longevity is headquartered in Guangzhou, the third tallest building \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Guang Sheng International Building. He sat on the 11th floor of the office sofa, consistent high-pitched emotions Guoan, in recalling the past when even more excited. He rallying concluded that life is still alive, we must win, or do first, or do only one. WANG Guo's Win, is directly related to their advertising investment, but at the cost of its investment in advertising, and Shi Yuzhu's no difference in melatonin play. In 2011, already we have two brands after the Sichuan and Han ten longevity, year-end payment of 1 billion yuan. 2012, Guoan have replaced all of these real money advertising: First, on the latter and Jeon Ji Hyun Han endorsement ad, signed two years, involving an amount of 10 million yuan; second, to 120 million yuan blockbuster signing Jiangsu TV, eligible for the hit program 'Happy Theatre' naming rights and 'You Are the One' advertising rights, became in 2012 the cosmetics industry of Jiangsu TV standard king; thirdly, by the end of 2012, once again throw 10 million yuan, with Hong Kong actress Carina Lau River on product endorsements, signed for three years. Simple tactics extensive, market returns are quite impressive: through advertising bombing, in 2012 ten longevity annual payment more than 300 million yuan. In 2013, in addition to generous advertising, the most worth mentioning is that by means of Nanfang Dushi Bao Guoan pla[censurado] the \u0026 ldquo; the world is no three \u0026 rdquo; this alternative advertising. The advertising investment is not big, but the response is extremely hot. Followed, in \u0026 ldquo; day after South Korea 9.19 brand \u0026 rdquo; activities, Guoan invited 'Chinese good sound' mentor Harlem endorsement. The endorsement ads synchronous rapid promotion in the network, print media, cable, total retail sales exceeded 100 million yuan within three days, the annual payment of more than 600 million yuan. After entering 2014, Guoan suit, once again in a row shot: one million yuan to win early drama 'My Love From The Star' independent broadcast the naming rights of the iQIYI. As of press time reporter, a total of 21 episodes of this drama has iQIYI Click to play 2.6 billion times, a conservative estimate of more than 5,000 million people watched the show before Han after advertising. Wang admitted that before advertising, the play can not expect po[censurado]r so far, and the sum of products put on sale after South Korea had a great drive. By the end of March, Wang Guoan invite brand amb[censurado]ador, 'you came from the stars,' starring Jun Ji-hyun came to China, and was held in Shanghai will meet fans after the Korean brand. The activity from the trailer to the end, concern, Han momentum after time without. Circle of acquaintances Common \u0026 ldquo; gambler \u0026 rdquo;, \u0026 ldquo; mad \u0026 rdquo; or \u0026 ldquo; rogue \u0026 rdquo; et ridicule vocabulary called Guoan, which critics in the face of success Guoan made in the business, and often envy, amazed, sighed as \u0026 ldquo; marketing genius \u0026 rdquo ;. Looking back at the road to fortune Guoan's not difficult to find, the [censurado]ertive, arrogant, self-esteem has a personality behind the excitement, not satisfied, do not accept their fate and other complex emotional wound, but it has taken on enterprise development in wild ways, everywhere, their family background , upbringing, their education, contact with the circle mark. Wings, HSBC's Guoan, currently trying to lead the company bid farewell to wilderness, gradually standardized mainstreaming in order to achieve a breakthrough development at a higher level. Out of Jiangxi in 1977, Wang Guoan born in Poyang Lake Duchang the edge of a remote village. WANG Guo has three sisters, he was the youngest child, parents are humble local farmers. Wang lost her mother at an early age, the family life is quite hard, his father wanted him to grow up to be futile, at least not to like him, farming farming. From primary to secondary school, apart from learning, Guoan want to get home to help his father to the fields busy, the good times and bad grades. WANG Guo recalled that when his sister married, according to local custom, the woman can be to man the main 张彩礼, but his father did not want a penny, just ask one \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Guoan high school three years in charge of the full cost. Because serious side branches, the language, the English bad grades, college entrance examination after the end of 1996, according to the time fraction, Guoan Jiujiang Teachers only enter this road to go. Obviously, he was not satisfied with this result. Teachers in colleges and universities because of the lower level, and after graduation, mostly across the board to be [censurado]igned to the local countryside to teach. WANG Guo hopes to stay in the city, but the family do not have the background, his personal ability alone, absolutely impossible. Thought to want to, he was ready to change the destiny through PubMed. But the plan had had [url=]Nike Air Max Excellerate+2[/url] to give up to sophomore. \u0026 Ldquo; trying for a year, but my English sucks, being so, certainly not p[censurado]the test, \u0026 rdquo; WANG Guo said, \u0026 ldquo; But then I think, a person's success is not achieved by changing the shortcomings, and the advantage is to the extreme. \u0026 Rdquo; based on this theory, Guoan start intends to explore their strengths. Soon after, he entered the Student Union, he has repeatedly involved in organizing social practice, school debate competitions and other activities. WANG Guo said that through the work involved in the student union, he found himself with the natural boss temperament: have to play consciousness, adventurous, there is the curiosity of the unknown and to conquer. And expected, when about to graduate, Guoan see, with graduates in the family who have money are related, basically have to stay in the county. Claiming to be students of the first members and the student council Guoan, has his own plan. \u0026 Ldquo; Compared with the students to stay in the city to accept [censurado]ignment to the countryside, equal at the starting line had been lost. \u0026 Rdquo; WANG Guo explained. He decided to go to Guangzhou to find opportunities. \u0026 Ldquo; Guangzhou is the first-tier cities, there is a good hardware facilities, to see a more exciting world, even if I was in the highest office in Guangzhou, when a security guard, much better than in the rural areas to teach. \u0026 Rdquo; he said. Carries 400 yuan in cash, Guoan set off. Opener Foshan fact, before actually go to Guangzhou, Wang Guoan first came to Foshan. In Foshan, he found his first job in life. Early settled in Foshan, Guoan are afraid from newspaper job advertisements to find a job because of worry about their lack of qualifications, a waste of time. He turned to eye on poles dense posted a small note. It is through this way, he saw the cosmetic salesman jobs and soon successful candidate. At this point, his idea is still very simple: as long as there is work to do, food to eat, a place to live on the line. Three days later, Wang Guoan found a tricky job: selling price of 29.8 yuan a lipstick, he got the commission is 6 yuan, and for self-emplo[censurado] alone, the purchase price of the same product only 5 yuan. WANG Guo resignation to the boss, I do not agree, and threatened to detain his advance payment of 200 dollars deposit. Wang gas, however, and the owner had a fight, and finally simply do not have the money, and out of his own shop | dry. This was the beginning Guoan cosmetics industry. With marketing business is getting better, Guoan purchase channels gradually grew suppliers, large wholesalers and manufacturers to talk about cooperation, Guoan has developed from one person to do it together with a few little brother, the one mutual care, and secondly, the purchase can be cheaper. Guoan won the first 1000 yuan, the distance just two weeks he came to Foshan. He put all the money sent to his father. Allegedly, during that time, running hard-working and good luck, the monthly income of nearly million. WANG Guo no longer hungry, and began observational study on the industry. When the other salesman went to the salon to get together, shopping malls selling these products, he has successfully entered the nightclub. When night fell, had to make preparations early in the WANG Guo, and take the young Moroccan girls are together, they started the day in the most busy work. Is able to mix various nightclubs, he specialized repairing line head \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; suit, white shirt, shoes and a nice suitcase. Occasionally encounter security door questioning. At this point he always straight backs, confidently said, \u0026 ldquo; booked a room. \u0026 Rdquo; then into the stride. Wang said that the product is selling well, along with sales of condoms and other products can be netted five or six hundred dollars a night. Business is so continuously for almost half a year later, Wang Guoan deeply tired and weary: getting lower and lower barriers to entry, peer competition becoming increasingly fierce, practitioners often suffer discrimination and maltreatment, he not only saw but also personally experienced being Night security forced to kneel things, coupled with the product marketing process, often in contact with the hair salon, the night market women, especially to see some young naive girl also entered into the dust case, even a lot of people bought from his hands a condom, he felt very depressed mood, do not want to mix in this circle. Soon after, the bar seam from Guangzhou Daily, Wang Guoan find a lactobacillus milk tablets salesman, 800 yuan monthly salary. But also a chance, WANG Guo learned where he company priced 38 yuan a box of milk tablets, from Xinjiang manufacturers purchase only 3.3 yuan. The difference is so great, why do not they do while working for others? Guoan investigation found a college cl[censurado]mate Chen Jian, the two hit it off on this, immediately contact the supply and established vendor relationships. Pot of gold for the sake of greater development and something to rely on, WANG Guo decided to go to Xiamen defected to his aunt. In Xiamen, Wang, Chen's milk tablet business was officially launched. A time when in 1999, the Xiamen Yuanhua smuggling case exposure, Lai Changxing fled overseas, the local market is quite depressed, milk tablets marketing business was also affected. This will no savings and Chen Wang, once only 1,000 yuan, a dilemma. Desperation, WANG Guo intend to gamble, to come up with 600 yuan in Zhongshan Park, site rent space to sell the block. WANG Guo said the same day credit to more than 2000 yuan, this war be won. WANG Guo thereby found that home business selling milk tablets, although difficult, but still has a chance of fixed-pitch. Two took the money to rent a nearby mall 170 yuan a day, a week a post counter. Business is surprisingly good, and getting better. According to WANG Guo tells Xinjiang suppliers to cooperate with the king later learned, Chen two in Xiamen will be the business done fast, and they intend to market directly to Xiamen, and p[censurado]rumors king, Chen's milk sheet of counterfeit products. Competition so far, and two had fought in Fuzhou and Xinjiang local found other suppliers. From 1999 to 2001, Wang and Chen with milk tablets business, has ac[censurado]ulated more than 30 million of capital. This time, Wang Guoan are no longer content to be just one individual traders, he decided to return to Guangdong looking for bigger opportunities. The results discussed in this duo is south Pathfinder Guoan, Chen went to Beijing to investigate health is that something has to earn money in the bank, leading the 3000 yuan per person per month. Guoan from Xiamen to Zhuhai, enter a cosmetics plant materials salesman. A year later, Chen Jian PubMed investigation failed to Guangzhou. They decided to start again. So between the previous year, Wang Guoan Guangzhou major cosmetics wholesale market frequented, he found the open stalls of small business owners who are mostly cultural level is not high, but also smaller than their older Chaoshan, but this trade lucrative, he I am going to try. \u0026 Ldquo; these people during the day sellers, count the money in the evening, I think both of us are capable. \u0026 Rdquo; Wang recalls. This proved to file business may seem simple, but in fact not the case, Wang, Chen squander for this year, did not earn a penny. Then Wang Guoan university teacher just to go into business, is preparing to enter the field of cosmetics, heard Wang, Chen has this working experience, and invited the two occupation. Three cooperation did not last long. By 2004, because the idea or not, Wang, Chen chose to leave. \u0026 Ldquo; I want the company to expand the scale, in order to seize a larger market share, rather than every day count small accounts. But I'm not a big shareholder, do not. \u0026 Rdquo; Wang sighed. WANG Guo has been a founder of a company belonging to their own ideas. While he was doing this planning, a former old customers \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Guoan mouth \u0026 ldquo; Zhao sister \u0026 rdquo; Wang after hearing about their intention to cooperate, and is funded by her Guoan trader can. Wang overjo[censurado], the result is Zhulandas[censurado]. For this cooperation, Wang did not elaborate, the reason failure, he said entrepreneurs Reporter analysis: First, the \u0026 ldquo; Zhao sister \u0026 rdquo; the difficulties encountered in the capital, about 1 million good investment only half fulfilled, he even Prior to earn their own money are all posted inside. Second, the \u0026 ldquo; Zhao sister \u0026 rdquo; investment company, after the divorce is purely spiritual emptiness dictates, play it. Brand retreat when Guoan took 400 dollars south of Guangdong, but also with his fellow 彭卫华 borrowed 800 dollars came here. Peng Weihua graduated duchang Normal School, a school teacher in the country after two years. In 2000, Peng high Self manner, got a degree in interior design, then began to engage in planning, advertising design work. In 2003, Pengcheng Li studio, the professional line cosmetics packaging design, book production business. In 2004, after a mutual friend introduced section Weihong, Wang Guoan and 彭卫华 hit it off. In 2005, Wang Guoan borrow a total of 150,000 yuan to his family and friends, ready to start doing their own brand of cosmetics. He found Peng Weihua, lobbying added. Guoan time, and no successful experience cosmetics brand operations, Peng this some doubts. \u0026 Ldquo; But this kid is able to flicker, very p[censurado]ionate, like a winner. \u0026 Rdquo; Peng Weihua determined to try. Wang Peng asked: \u0026 ldquo; how much money you \u0026 rdquo; Peng A:? \u0026 Ldquo; 5 million. \u0026 Rdquo; Wang said:? \u0026 Ldquo; I am out of 150,000, a 50,000 you and give you a 30% stake, how \u0026 rdquo; Peng readily agreed. Korean drama 'Dae Jang Geum' is domestic hit, the show's hot Korean elements make Guoan saw great charm in China. Wang will be the future of the brand name product initially ten longevity, but unfortunately, \u0026 ldquo; ten longevity \u0026 rdquo; has been registered, he turned to South Korea, Hong Kong registered Lange cosmetics (Hong Kong) Limited. The year was South Korea Lange (Laneige) to enter the Chinese market, in its third year, already have a higher visibility in the Chinese fashion women. Of course, this Lange nor that \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, Guoan Lange brands do not have any relations with South Korea. Wang Guoan beat South Korea in a move apparently namesake brand of walking a fine line, we have been walking in the edge of the law. Moreover, the king in his product packaging, marked 'Dae Jang Geum' starring Lee Young Ae Portrait, creating an endorsement of the product by Lee illusion. Not only that, the production of counterfeit products through [url=]Nike Air Max Unisex[/url] OEM and complete packaged, the four-tier cities shops successfully sold out. WANG Guo said, of which the so-called franchise stores, mostly controlled by the local small business owners, local hooligans mixed Meanwhile, foreign brands are not concerned about where the market can not read the rules of the game. That time, the cosmetics giants is the main battlefield of competing supermarkets, stores and department stores. According to WANG Guo told, he was found a relatively strong strength of dealers, conditions to the other party is to first pay 200,000 yuan down payment at a time when the industry average price of 50,000 yuan to 10 yuan. Peng Weihua said this explanation, rather than talking about a lot of small dealers, it is better to talk about a big time, into the company to survive, not to have shut up shop. Allegedly, the king's grand strategic vision touched each other, eventually exchange for the 20 million. In this case as leverage, the king has negotiated more than a dozen provincial agents. In 2008, ten longevity of \u0026 ldquo; Lange \u0026 rdquo; back section has reached 30 million yuan. WANG Guo was not satisfied, I hope to continue to do large-scale. In the same year, ten longevity launch nighttime skincare brand \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, Chuan invited singer Sun Yue whom endorsement. This is the first time Wang Guoan advertising on television. WANG Guo told reporters on the entrepreneurs, then please speak Sun Yue, one optimistic about her high po[censurado]rity in the country, the second is the value of her \u0026 ldquo; Korea tourism amb[censurado]ador \u0026 rdquo; this capacity. Of course, no mention is Guoan, Sun Yue is South Korea Lange (Laneige) Cosmetic Chinese spokesperson. To go to Sun Yue, Wang Guoan special trip to Beijing to find a Sun Yue's brother and agent Suntie Lin. Suntie Lin straight to the point, asking for 1.2 million yuan, but Wang was only one million yuan budget. Finish the sentence to be Sun, Wang took 200,000 in cash, said: \u0026 ldquo; Sun Yue, I have to ask, the money in here, you do not give me an IOU, if agreed to cooperate, and it was the deposit, if you do not agree, you fight back like back to my account. \u0026 Rdquo; Wang claimed that Sun was he impressed by the move, one million transactions. Although Sun Yue final endorsement has been a matter of course, but was not successful in marketing Chuan, Wang Guoan blundered to this end, a total of 8 million yuan advertising costs down the drain. WANG Guo concluded that, \u0026 ldquo; plain \u0026 rdquo; nighttime skin care philosophy, the four-tier cities are too advanced users, plus there is a problem when the product quality, while more and more media began pointing their cottage \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo Lange ; has been for \u0026 ldquo; a huge impact; Chuan \u0026 rdquo. At this point Guoan, deep internal and external dilemma. To reverse the unfavorable situation, the king invited Peng Guangzhou dark horse advertising brands to provide them, \u0026 ldquo; Lange \u0026 rdquo; eventually renamed \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;. after Korea July 28, 2009, Peking University Centennial Auditorium, ten longevity half-year will be held, \u0026 ldquo; ten longevity \u0026 rdquo; the official opening of \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;. after Korea Guoan this day called \u0026 ldquo; group \u0026 rdquo; upgrade to \u0026 ldquo; team \u0026 rdquo; the big [url=]Nike Air Max 90 VT[/url] day, because afterwards they can be honest, organized and purposefully develop brand activity. 2010, Wang Guoan invited well-known female marketing consulting firm \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Guangzhou Sangdoo marketing CEO Zhang Huan, after combing and Korea make the brand image upgrade, re-open the TV ad. Year advertising investment 10 million yuan after Korea, 40 million yuan year-end payment. Alternative blade Guoan on business strategies bold out often puzzling. Sangdoo Marketing CEO Zhang Huan said that when income 10 million yuan, 20 million yuan Wang Ganna advertising revenue 100 million yuan, he dared to take out 200 million yuan, close to the gambler. WANG Guo does not endorse this [censurado]essment gamblers. His \u0026 ldquo; burn \u0026 rdquo; it explained that this is by increasing investment to capture the market, but also his own every penny spent out very several, will be very concerned about the money after the vote out, get How much can return. In 2010, the WANG Guo decided to terminate cooperation with the company's previous plan. After repeated contrast, was finally placed in front of the following two options: one is to offer 4,000,000 of One collusion, one offer 4.8 million of naomichi marketing. Wang immediately closed \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; choose expensive. WANG Guo believes that his decision seemingly blind, but in fact sufficient justifications: first, when Zhang Huan few customers, shows that he is very focused; second, Zhang Huan to understand the cosmetic surgery industry, who was lying under the operating table to do research, that he is very serious; and third, Zhang Huan graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, but in that year the college entrance examination scores to Tsinghua University Beijing University no problem, that he is very smart; fourth, Zhang at a very young age had become a vice president of a company, that he has business talent. Exchange and entrepreneurs reporters, Zhang Huan admitted 480 million offer, was a little high. Is, therefore, in practical work after the contract is signed, Zhang Huan almost dumping the whole company with the development of enterprises Guoan, but he also repeatedly personally follow the king to run the market throughout the country. WANG Guo believes that money is the best tool to narrow the distance between people. Wang dedication invested in television advertising, to date, has invested over 300 million yuan, the rewards are more than three times as it is. \u0026 Ldquo; because it is expensive enough, the value of your representatives. \u0026 Rdquo; Wang said. In addition to the \u0026 ldquo; there must be priced high value \u0026 rdquo; firmly believe, the more stress is king, there are indeed some cosmetic brand is bombarded by television advertising and the success of the industry. Wang also skillfully deflected the move. 2013 South are \u0026 ldquo; Zhang too body \u0026 rdquo; advertising, 2014 iQIYI 'from the stars you' independent broadcast title, are industry-recognized cl[censurado]ic case. In Guoan opinion, the latter as well as Gianna Jun fan meeting will be held, invested 2 million yuan lower, causing the boiling entire social media, apparently is the value of the move. Wang said that Korea will increase in the future after ad network media advertising efforts. Sangdoo Marketing CEO Zhang Huan, Wang Guoan and Henan TV story on Advertising is also wonderful enough. During the year-end will be in 2012 after South Korea, Wang Guoan find brand distributor in Henan Province Yang chat. WANG Guo asked, in 2013 50 million yuan in Henan can complete the payment target. Yang asked that the 2012 payment is only 15 million yuan in 2013 soared to 50 million yuan, how could \u0026 ldquo; I can give you three conditions:? 15 million yuan television advertising, 15 million yuan gifts, sending 15 million yuan sample. See how \u0026 rdquo;? King replies. \u0026 Ldquo;? This is what you said, \u0026 rdquo; Yang listened to stand up, I wonder if this is the truth or a joke. After Wang Guoan confirm continued: \u0026 ldquo; I do not trust you, you give me pay 800 yuan deposit it. \u0026 Rdquo; Yang quickly put the money to pay. WANG Guo Yang took the money, find the Henan TV advertising director. Wang said, \u0026 ldquo; I am ready next year the country spent a total of 10 TV ads 200 million yuan, an average of 20 million yuan each, I wonder if you have no interest. \u0026 Rdquo; the other one immediately expressed interest. WANG Guo presented his requests for cooperation: \u0026 ldquo; I'll give you 20 million yuan in cash investment and advertising, you have to send me 20 million yuan electric vehicles (Henan TV advertiser year for a maximum of the electric car business) as a gift. \u0026 Rdquo; to show sincerity, Wang said, adding that may be paid in the first quarter of five million yuan in advertising (television advertising generally quarter to pay the settlement date for the end of the quarter). The other one look at this customer so generous, happy signed the contract. So, Guoan not dig a penny, but added first earned 300 million in cash and $ 500 million of electric vehicles. The Henan market via advertising bombardment, when the back section of more than 60 million yuan. For the relationship between online and offline, WANG Guo believes that the electricity supplier is always just a channel, and the future development mode Korea is driven by the online and offline. After the company to expand the scale of internal checks and balances, Guoan is no longer responsible for developing specific business, but as the spiritual leader of the general, a day in the office from time to time, to contribute ideas for the team members. He quite enjoy that feeling. Guoan is not good business management and operations. There are internal staff, told reporters after Han laughing, Wang tube piece, the piece into chaos. Wang also knew this. As opposed to as a venture partner 彭卫华, humility and calm, methodical work rich in character and can complement Guoan, it has therefore been entrusted with the task of daily operations. Sangdoo Marketing CEO Zhang Huan, and the two are quite familiar with. Zhang feeling is that in the internal Korea, Wang high-profile outside, Peng understated Lord, a fanciful, a steadfast steady. Peng Weihua and segment Weihong, both fellow students, but also the sworn brothers, and segment Weihong and Guoan is a fellow and relatives. Peng referral ago, after the king know, segment Weihong also approached the two men in recent years gradually and, later incorporated into the post Korea, to become the king of the drivers and the audience. Section Weihong said Mahone Peng Weihua, a man doing things attentive, normally friends and customers are very body center, often invite everyone to gather and chat, others never distinction or distinction. As general manager after South Korea, in addition to their own work, Peng Weihua, there is another important task \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; with the other three executives continue to carefully evaluate new ideas Guoan raised whether they have realistic operational. \u0026 Ldquo; Wang idea too much, but 10 ideas, it is possible to make the trip may be only two. \u0026 Rdquo; Peng Weihua told reporters on entrepreneurs. In evaluating Guoan, after the Korean brand director 肖荣燊 to dealers around often said that Pharaoh did love to brag, but 80% still come true. WANG Guo did not mind his team deny his thoughts, he is more willing to splash cold water to people deemed to inspire the team potential, prevent necessary to move business risk. In 2013 \u0026 ldquo; 9 \u0026 middot; 19 \u0026 rdquo; activities, Guoan had proposed to do with shoes, gifts consumer feedback. Peng immediately opposed. Peng is a reason to send the shoes, it is taboo in some places, while many shoe size, style, large practical difficulty, and will divert the attention of consumers. No program was eventually donated shoes. According 彭卫华 revealed Guoan had planned to hyun for brand \u0026 ldquo; plain \u0026 rdquo; spokesperson, also Peng flatly rejected. But otherwise a lot of decisions, Guoan is opinionated, against all the odds of. For example, Wang Guoan had insisted Henan market-focused, adhere to do 919 brand day activities. Currently, the majority of his stick was right.邹晓华 is WANG Guo hometown, but also after the Korean display equipment suppliers, because of business dealings with the king more than a touch. Zou feel the most profound is the introduction of talent level, Guoan is very aware of his company and what kind of people, in order to recruit such talent, often at any cost. In business dealings, mostly adopted a countermeasure Guoan, let himself into trouble, the other side to take advantage. For the demands of others, Guoan rarely refused, for example, to prepare for the introduction of employee remuneration as long as the other party, he not only will not be down, it will be given a surprise. \u0026 Ldquo; people who have owed less to go, rather than let me owe you, let you owe me. \u0026 Rdquo; Wang said. Chien's founder circle of friends who glow in accepting entrepreneur told reporters when he said, slack find Zheng Bowen, tangled find Guoan.郑博文 is the founder of a consulting agency called Chi wolf group. Zheng Bowen and Guoan, who were ShenDu glow, the three meet together often to chat. Overall, Zheng diligent, courageous king, who rigorous, their mutual incentives, the competition who can make a more sensational commercial movements to. According 郑博文 revealed that Wang Guoan at Guang Sheng International Building spend 30 million yuan to buy one after office buildings, industrial parks 曾昭霞 in Fan 禹天安 bought the two buildings. Once, Wang Guoan Zheng Bowen found open was a Highlander, said: \u0026 ldquo; Zheng teacher, you should open a Porsche son. \u0026 Rdquo; et Zheng Bowen bought a Porsche, Wang has high throw more than 600 yuan to buy a Bentley. Sangdoo Marketing CEO Zhang Huan is introducing important middleman Guoan entrepreneurs dark horse camp, horse camp for the king to open up a whole new world of business, after the normalization of the Korean mainstreaming route this start. Are, therefore, Zhang Huan Wang Guoan first saw Bentley, the heart quite convinced: \u0026 ldquo; two years ago, his car has not my good. \u0026 Rdquo; WANG Guo claimed to hate Success, he said, the Chinese business community, he did not idols. Moreover, according to Wang talk, he had suggested CEO Fang Jianhua Yan Man removed hung in the office of Ma portrait. He said the other: \u0026 ldquo; the Lao side, if you order idol Ma, Ma, you can never be, you should hang his portrait. \u0026 Rdquo; in the 'entrepreneurs' reporter, Guoan has repeatedly stressed when they encounter problems, he is more willing to solve their own research rather than seek help, because successful people can not solve his real problem. And WANG Guo said logic contrary, he himself time and again through the media interviews to promote his mentor attitude continued marketing concept and way, and his daily micro-channel is also constantly updated with similar content. There are always new ideas burst Guoan, often put a [url=]Air Jordan 6 Rings[/url] lot of free time for talking with friends, small groups, you can easily find a place in full swing to talk together. Most of the time, not so much chat, it is more personal Guoan lengthy speech. According to section Weihong observed, currently Guoan most proud thing, perhaps not the Han after done much size, but by a small range of \u0026 ldquo; bragging \u0026 rdquo; activity that alters the ideas of others, such as business interruption, malaise entrepreneurs , after being excited perk him up. Under the influence of Guoan, the Fang Jianhua engage in a football field-sized two-dimensional code, a former partner, Sangdoo marketing CEO Zhang Huan, already set aside their original career, began to re-start. This article i dark horse All rights reserved Please indicate the source, tort reserved.
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