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Descargar Supernova - Sin limite
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Descargar Supernova - Tu cariño se me va
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Descargar Supernova - Para olvidarte
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Hector Luna bajistaJose Gonzalez vocalistaLuigi Agusto BateriaRomeo Alvarado guitarra liderSupernova


  • Supernova - Sin limite Lyrics.
  • Supernova - Tu cariño se me va lyrics.


Fundación: 2009
Integrantes: Jose Gonzalez (voz) Romeo Alvarado (Guitarra/voz)
Discografía: Supernova sin limites


Contacto: Romeo Alvarado (Booking)
Teléfono: 75-82-59-24
Web Site:


Ricko 13/11/2015 - 03:33:34 pm
A pretty cahtcy song at first, but the music video destroys it. SM really needs to stop making MVs with no storyline and do something that goes beyond merely showing us some dancing. The quality of this video was extremely poor. [url=]hpokkb[/url] [link=]woqjod[/link]
Maximos 13/11/2015 - 03:32:10 pm
Jung Kim;If you are [censurado]just come out and accept your right place in the sun.Why are you trynig to mask your own sexuality with insults and denial?I think it stems to the fear of being one which you are already ONE or being labeled different than the norm. And things that are different get picked on. Be the real man uh I mean be the real [censurado]man. [url=]paoaofywqxr[/url] [link=]lltdqxmq[/link]
Cielo 11/11/2015 - 05:06:16 pm
It's one thing about supporting rigths, it is totally a different matter when one group (LGBT) wants to parade and flaunt it's untraditional sexual practices and non-traditional family values in an event that promotes family values and tradition.There is a time and place for everything and a public parade down Bolsa Avenue on the most traditional holiday by an LGBT group is both I appropriate and cr[censurado].
Joe 10/11/2015 - 03:11:15 am
I have been attending the Westminster Tet Parade for the past three or four years, when ever the city is host to this event. I can tell you otcvjbieely that this year's parade is down in attendance by about 20%, despite the beautiful weather. I do not know because of the Lgbts parti[censurado]ting that may have an effect on attendance, but the crowd is noticeably thinner than last year. [url=]vhieoyfoa[/url] [link=]nmgjjd[/link]
Dursun 10/11/2015 - 03:10:09 am
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