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Fundación: 9 años
Integrantes: 4
Discografía: ... y un grito de dolor...


Teléfono: 740-6381
E-mail: ,
Web Site: http://


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Late to the party, but I've just finished the first 12 esieodps of the original podcast, listened to Edwin 2.0, and was overjo[censurado] to hear of the Death of Edwin 2.0, and can't wait to start El Justiador and then the new novel. I cannot tell you how much I've loved this series. People throughout my neighborhood must be convinced that I'm quite mad as I giggle gleefully down the street while Edwin and I share the muggy miles after walking my son to school in the morning. I confess, I love Edwin. I adore you for creating him and sharing him. I'm so glad that there is more after the original esieodps. Thanks so much for allowing us to enjoy your creative process as it happens. Also, thanks for turning me on to Jonathan's Re: Your Brain song I was tickled that it was available for purchase. And hey got any of those comic books left? Cheers and thanks!
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